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Best Solutin - Projects - Subsea Equipment Capsules

Subsea Equipment Capsules

A very straightforward finite element model enabled the wall thicknesses and internal radii of an electronics enclosure to be determined for a deep-sea monitoring application. The axis-symmetric model consisted of a single parametric region with appropriate boundary conditions and external pressure loading. This apparently simple axis-symmetric model included a glass dome for a deep-sea optical …

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Best Solutin - Projects - Ansys EMAG

Ansys EMAG

Best Solution uses a range of software tools to provide our customers with support in the design and performance simulation of products or processes that involve the use of magnetism. These encompass anything from the modelling of an induction heating process to the simulation of the start-up performance of a d.c. motor. Ansys EMAG is …

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Projects - Transformers


Best Solution has a wealth of experience in the computer-aided engineering of inductors, transformers and other wound components. Using finite element based tools, we can deliver valuable insight into many performance aspects, with relevance to electrical performance, cost and reliability, including: Simulation of temperature rises under steady state and transient loading conditions Accurate prediction of …

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Projects - Stresses in Corrosion Monitoring Housing

Stresses in Corrosion Monitoring Housing

The photograph here shows the housing for an oil pipeline corrosion monitoring spool. The housing profile was adjusted for minimum stress using a parametric finite element model. The adjustments involved the optimisation of several internal radii and a tapering wall thickness. In the mechanical design project the use of parametric methods meant that Best Solution …

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Projects - Gravity Gradiometer

Gravity Gradiometer

Exceptionally sensitive accelerometer type instruments can be used to detect tiny variations in the Earth’s gravitational field. These measurements can be interpreted in terms of density changes and the likelihood of the presence of oil, or oil bearing substrates. An instrument with significantly better performance than previously achieved is being developed by ARKeX Ltd in …

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Best Solutin - Projects - Best Solutin - Projects - Pump Couplings

Pump Couplings

Magnetic rotary couplings are often used by pump manufacturers to isolate a motor from the pump components. The isolation of these components might be desirable for one or more reasons. The fluids in the pump may be corrosive, toxic, under pressure, or sensitive to corrosion from motor lubricants or other materials. The coupling would typically …

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