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Best Solutin - Projects - Induction Heating

Induction Heating

Induction heating processes are commonly used to harden, anneal and bond metals. Induction processes are attractive because they include the following advantages: * Induction heating is clean – no contaminants are introduced and parts can be contained in vacuum or inert gas chambers. * Induction heating is highly consistent and controllable, so is ideal for …

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Best Solution - Projects - Permanent Magnets

Permanent Magnets

Many permanent magnet materials exist today, with the most common being ceramic or ferrite materials, where reasonable performance at very low cost is required. Other common materials include the high energy rare-earth types, plastic or resin bonded ferrite and rare earth variants, and cast alloy types, which are old-fashioned but still important in some areas. …

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Best Solutin - Projects - Magnetising Fixtures

Magnetising Fixtures

In order to magnetise modern rare-earth magnets, large magnetic fields are required. The fields required are large enough to present some significant challenges to the designers of the necessary equipment. Capacitive Discharge Magnetising In order to magnetise rare earth materials, a very large field must be produced. This field only needs to be sustained for …

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Projects - Stresses in Corrosion Monitoring Housing

Stresses in Corrosion Monitoring Housing

The photograph here shows the housing for an oil pipeline corrosion monitoring spool. The housing profile was adjusted for minimum stress using a parametric finite element model. The adjustments involved the optimisation of several internal radii and a tapering wall thickness. In the mechanical design project the use of parametric methods meant that Best Solution …

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Best Solution - Projects - Magnetic Sensors

Magnetic Sensors

Best Solution has assisted in the development of a variety of sensors employing magnetic effects of one sort or another. These include: Flux gate magnetometers Salient pole tachogenerators Rotary and linear inductive pick-offs Brushless resolvers Our involvement in projects using these devices ranges from finite element modelling of novel sensors to prove a principle of …

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Best Sulution - Magnetic Linkages

Magnetic Linkages

Magnetic linkages are often designed into equipment where it is desirable to separate different sections of the same mechanism. This could be required for a number of reasons, but most commonly it is because two different environments need to be isolated from each other, e.g. Thermal isolation – mechanical work is transferred through a barrier …

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