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Science and Medical

Projects - Magnetic Resonance Imaging - MRI

Magnetic Resonance Imaging – MRI

In MRI scanners, the requirements for high field homogeneity and low leakage field are severe and conflicting, since the large mass of soft magnetic material required to provide shielding can distort the central field. Best Solution has experience in modelling MRI magnets and the associated shielding arrangements. Usually using Vector Fields 3d Opera finite element …

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Projects - AMS2 Physics Experiment

AMS2 Physics Experiment

The Alpha Magnetic Spectrometer (AMS) is the second such particle physics experiment to be launched into space and will include the first large superconducting magnet system. The AMS experiment is designed to detect the presence of dark matter or antimatter in space. The magnet system was manufactured by Scientific Magnetics, of Culham, Oxford, Best Solution’s …

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Best Solution - Projects - Permanent Magnets

Permanent Magnets

Many permanent magnet materials exist today, with the most common being ceramic or ferrite materials, where reasonable performance at very low cost is required. Other common materials include the high energy rare-earth types, plastic or resin bonded ferrite and rare earth variants, and cast alloy types, which are old-fashioned but still important in some areas. …

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Best Solutin - Projects - Ansys EMAG

Ansys EMAG

Best Solution uses a range of software tools to provide our customers with support in the design and performance simulation of products or processes that involve the use of magnetism. These encompass anything from the modelling of an induction heating process to the simulation of the start-up performance of a d.c. motor. Ansys EMAG is …

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Projects - High Field Hybrid Magnet

High Field Hybrid Magnet

Best Solution’s customer, Oxford Instruments are world leaders in the design and manufacture of special superconducting magnets. Best Solution were able to provide modelling support on a high field, hybrid magnet project, which used a combination of superconducting, and copper coils, for a magnet with a bore flux density of up to 40 Tesla. The …

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Projects - Magnetic Surgery

Magnetism in Surgery

Best Solution supported Oxford instruments in the development of a magnetic system designed for a pioneering surgical technique. The system would potentially allow surgeons to steer a catheter with a small magnetic tip through the brain, by rapid adjustments to the magnetic fields of three orthogonal superconducting coils around the patient’s head. The tip could …

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Best Solutin - Projects - Best Solutin - Projects - MRI Magnetic Shielding

MRI Magnetic Shielding

Best Solution has assisted manufacturers of MRI scanner magnets using magneto-static finite element models. The models typically include the large superconducting magnet of the scanner and a soft iron shield which is normally included in the fabric of the building housing the scanner. The permissible leakage fields are small for these installations, and we work …

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Best Solution - Projects - Magnetic Sensors

Magnetic Sensors

Best Solution has assisted in the development of a variety of sensors employing magnetic effects of one sort or another. These include: Flux gate magnetometers Salient pole tachogenerators Rotary and linear inductive pick-offs Brushless resolvers Our involvement in projects using these devices ranges from finite element modelling of novel sensors to prove a principle of …

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Best Sulution - Magnetic Linkages

Magnetic Linkages

Magnetic linkages are often designed into equipment where it is desirable to separate different sections of the same mechanism. This could be required for a number of reasons, but most commonly it is because two different environments need to be isolated from each other, e.g. Thermal isolation – mechanical work is transferred through a barrier …

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Best Solutin - Projects - Best Solutin - Projects - Magnetic and Electric Field Shielding

Magnetic and Electric Field Shielding

Magnetic shield and screen design can be a challenging area. Magnetic shields are made from soft magnetic materials i.e. those with very high permeability. Shield thickness is important, as any saturation in the shield material will make drastically reduce its shielding properties. Best Solution uses leading finite element software for magnetic field analysis. For shielding …

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