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      BEST SOLUTION Finite Element Analysis Consultancy 


Best Solution has experience in the design and modelling of a wide range of electromagnetic actuators including linear actuators, torque motors, optical scanning motors, a.c. and d.c. solenoids, permanent magnet linear motors and loudspeaker motors. 
We are experienced in classical magnetic circuit design methods, finite element optimisation, and dynamic modelling. We can provide detailed performance predictions based on these techniques, including approximate transfer function representations for those interested in incorporating actuators in closed loop control applications. 
For devices which are highly non-linear, for example conventional d.c. or a.c. solenoids, we can provide a block diagram representation for use in any of the commercial graphical simulation packages such as Matlab/Simulink, or VisSim. 

Electromagnetic Actuator Simulation  

Picture of a 3d electro-magnetic finite element model of a toroidal torque motor type actuator
Some examples of actuator related tasks we have undertaken: 
• Prediction of response time for a d.c. solenoid in an aerospace application. This used both non-linear finite element and magnetic circuit based models to investigate how both response time and power input requirements could be met. 
• Design of pole shading ring for a.c. solenoid to eliminate return spring “chatter”. 
• 2d non-linear FEA to assess customers prototype design against specification and make design change recommendations. 
• Development of a control system model for an optical scanning actuator, using finite element methods, and graphical simulation tools. 
• Prediction of torque vs rotor angle vs input current characteristics for a toroidal wound torque motor using 3d non-linear FEA 
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