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Magnetic Linkages 

Magnetic linkages are often designed into equipment where it is desirable to separate different sections of the same mechanism. This could be required for a number of reasons, but most commonly it is because two different environments need to be isolated from each other, e.g. 
* Thermal isolation - mechanical work is transferred through a barrier providing thermal isolation 
* Chemical isolation - parts of a mechanism are prone to attack from aggressive chemicals or harsh environments 
* Vibration isolation - Magnetic linkages are excellent for filtering out high frequency vibration components 
Best Solution can help customers design such linkages using many years experience in general magnetic design. We have a comprehensive range of software tools for magnetic simulation and modelling, and can accurately predict forces, torques, damping properties, and many other important performance considerations. Our methods are highly efficient and our approach is based on working closely with our customers to develop optimised design solutions. 
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