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Permanent Magnets 

Many permanent magnet materials exist today, with the most common being ceramic or ferrite materials, where reasonable performance at very low cost is required. Other common materials include the high energy rare-earth types, plastic or resin bonded ferrite and rare earth variants, and cast alloy types, which are old-fashioned but still important in some areas. 
Modern high-energy rare earth type permanent magnets divide into two broad families, those materials based on samarium- cobalt alloy systems, and those based on neodymium-iron-boron. Within each family there are a wide number of different material processing methods, giving different cost vs performance trade-offs. As well as this, there are also a wide variety of protective coating technologies which are selected on the basis of the magnet materials degree of inherent corrosion resistance and the anticipated service environment. 
Best Solution has much experience in the design of all kinds of devices employing permanent magnets, with just a few examples below: 
* Permanent magnet motors 
* Alternators 
* Torque motors 
* Linear actuators 
* Latching solenoids 
* Tachogenerators 
* Loudspeaker motors 
* Linkages and mechanisms 
* Torque couplings 
Best Solution can help in the design process to ensure that the most cost effective magnet choices are made. We can also design magnetising processes and tooling. We can develop magnetising solutions for complex multipole magnets, or for post-assembly magnetisation, to avoid the difficulties of handling and assembling with powerful magnets. 
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