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Many permanent magnet materials exist today, with the most common being ceramic or ferrite materials, where reasonable performance at very low cost is required. Other common materials include the high energy rare-earth types, plastic or resin bonded ferrite and rare earth variants, and cast alloy types, which are old-fashioned but still important in some areas. 
There are many challenges in the design of production processes which involve permanent magnets. Automated handling and assembly is difficult for components including permanent magnets, especially if they are powerful rare-earth types. An efficient solution can often be found by handling or assembling with unmagnetised material, and magnetising at an assembly level. Best Solution can design and build magnetisation tooling, or where appropriate, provide a production magnetisation service. 
Best Solution can provide a comprehensive range of expertise in a number of areas including: 
Production line or sample testing of magnets 
Sample or 100% testing of magnetic assemblies 
Integrity checking of magnet and winding systems 
Design of magnetisation tooling 
Magnetisation feasibility studies and advice 
Production magnetisation servicesDesigners of mass produced products can also take advantage of modern injection mouldable magnet materials. Typically these materials are based on a variety of thermo plastic binders loaded with ferrite or rare earth particles. These materials are suitable for injection moulding or insert moulding proceses, and can offer the possibility to integrate several components, with a magnetising process imprinting simple or complex pole arrangements on all or part of the finished component. Best Solution can provide a full scope of services to support this process, from magnetisation feasibility studies to the design and provision of tooling or magnetising at our premises. 
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