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      BEST SOLUTION Finite Element Analysis Consultancy 

Superconducting Magnets 

Best Solution have worked on a variety of leading edge projects involving superconduction, in addition to our modelling of superconducting magnets and shielding arrangements for MRI scanners. 

The Alpha Magnetic Spectrometer 

At the heart of the Alpha magnetic spectrometer is a powerful superconducting magnet, designed and manufactured in the U.K. by Scientific Magnetics. 
The magnet system was required to meet some very exacting specifications, some of which resulted directly from its intended installation on the International Space Station. Two important considerations were the control of net dipole moment, required to minimise torques arising from interaction with the Earth’s field, and low mass, clearly important for any space application. 
Best Solution supported Scientific Magnetics in the analysis of dipole moment and the contributions of coil interconnections and manufacturing tolerances. Best Solution also helped in the mechanical design of the coil supporting structure, by supplying predictions of the force distribution resulting from a magnet quench. 

ARKeX Gravity Gradiometer 

The ARKeX gravity gradiometer is a leading edge instrument which uses superconducting coils and a levitated proof mass to make acceleration measurements with extreme sensitivity and resolution. Its main application area will be airborne geophysical surveys. 
Best Solution assisted in the development of this instrument by magnetic modelling of coil to proof mass interactions, and also by modal analysis of the supporting structures for the instrument. 
The magnetic modelling work used both Vector Fields Opera software and Ansys EMAG. 
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