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      BEST SOLUTION Finite Element Analysis Consultancy 

Hyper-Elastic Solids 

Best Solution used the power of the Ansys Parametric Design Language (APDL) to pioneer a technique for modelling fluid flow in hyperelastic solids. This modelling capability is now found in a number of software tools, but the Best Solution implementation used an iterative and totally automated method using APDL. . 
The pressure-flow characteristics of a hyperelastic nozzle were found by first obtaining a flow solution, using an undistorted internal nozzle profile to bound the flow. The pressure profile was then transferred to a hyperelastic model, and an updated internal wall profile was used to set up an updated flow problem. This alternate flow-hyperelastic problem set-up and solution proceeded until convergence criteria were met. Only five or six iterations were needed to achieve a 1% maximum change in displacement between iterations. 
Similar methods could be used to investigate hyperelastic solid and surface or body force interactions arising from other sources. The creation of useful methods for modelling such interactions are one of the services that we can provide. 
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