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      BEST SOLUTION Finite Element Analysis Consultancy 


Magnet Technology 

Best Solution has contributed to a number of leading edge superconducting magnet developments over two decades, as well as providing modeling support for evaluating shielding systems for MRI suites. 

The scope of our work on superconducting magnets has included: 
Stray field, shielding-magnet force interactions and field 
Verification of stray field hand calculations and 3d finite element models (for AMS2 dipole magnet) 
Supply of coil Lorentz force distribution data files (for AMS2 dipole magnet) 
Biot-Savart inductance predictions for coils interacting with superconducting solids using image coil method (for gravity gradiometer) 
De-coupling shield Lorentz force and thermal loads and consequent stress distribution as a function of time (for quench event in high field hybrid magnet) 
Conductor stress distribution (for high field hybrid magnet) 
Coil force distribution, stress and displacement modeling in the coil support casting (for magnetic surgery system) 
Some projects have included: 


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