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Beamline Bending Magnet 

The design of charged-particle beamlines requires close collaboration between beamline physicists, magnet designers and mechanical designers. Best Solution has been a key part of such collaborations for several major ion and electron beamline projects. FE modeling of the magnets allows efficient design of optimized dipole, quadrupole and sextupole magnet structures that produce the required three-dimensional gap field distributions. Ray tracing of finite emittance beams through the calculated fields gives a comprehensive insight into the behaviour of the beam, and automatically includes the effect of all the higher-order field components. Particles can be traced through groups of magnets and electrostatic elements to explore the field interactions. 
It is often necessary to minimize the size and mass of electromagnet structures for practical and economic reasons. Our FE models using linear and non-linear materials reveal the field distributions in and around the return yoke, so the design can reach the optimum compromise between magnet size and field distortion at maximum excitation. 
AC electromagnets need particular care to ensure the design will function as intended. Using transient FE analysis we can predict the effect of eddy currents on beam trajectories, and also the power losses and heating effects. 
As well as providing specific modeling service to support your charged particle beamline project, Best Solution works together with Pyramid Technical Consultants, Inc. to offer a complete service for the design and prototyping of beamlines." 
Finite element mesh and coils for full bending magnet 
Tracks of charged particles showing focusing at mass resolving slot 
Detail of magnetic flux density in iron and beam focusing 
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