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Gravity Gradiometer 

Exceptionally sensitive accelerometer type instruments can be used to detect tiny variations in the Earth's gravitational field. These measurements can be interpreted in terms of density changes and the likelihood of the presence of oil, or oil bearing substrates. An instrument with significantly better performance than previously achieved is being developed by ARKeX Ltd in Cambridge. 
The operation of the instrument is based upon the levitation of a superconducting proof mass, using currents carried in small superconducting coils. Best Solution provided ARKeX with data associated with the magnetic interaction of coil and proof mass, as well as mechanical studies of the resonance modes of both the levitated proof mass and the instrument assembly. 
ARKeX Gravity Gradiometer 
Field plots of coil and proof mass interaction
Field distribution from superconducting coil and proof mass interaction 
Colour contour plot of flux density on proof mass surface
Flux density on the proof mass surface 
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