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High Field Hybrid Magnet 

Best Solution's customer, Oxford Instruments are world leaders in the design and manufacture of special superconducting magnets. Best Solution were able to provide modelling support on a high field, hybrid magnet project, which used a combination of superconducting, and copper coils, for a magnet with a bore flux density of up to 40 Tesla. 
The challenges in the magnet design were extreme, and transient modelling of coupled magnetic-stress and magnetic-thermal-stress fields were required in order to enable parts of the structure to be designed to withstand the enormous forces of a quench. 
Eddy current density - temperature - displacement & Von-Mises stress contours in the quench shield during an 'insert' trip fault 
Support structure for superconducting 'outsert' coils 
Contours of displacement and Von-Mises stress due to thermal loads (reduced finite element model due to periodic symmetry) 
GHMFL 40 Tesla hybrid magnet 
Contours of magnetic flux density on the superconducting 'outsert' coils, with the resistive 'insert' coils shown red 
Flux lines and peak eddy currents in the quench shield during an 'insert' trip fault (axisymmetric half model) 
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