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Magnetic Surgery  

Best Solution supported Oxford instruments in the development of a magnetic system designed for a pioneering surgical technique. 
The system would potentially allow surgeons to steer a catheter with a small magnetic tip through the brain, by rapid adjustments to the magnetic fields of three orthogonal superconducting coils around the patient's head. The tip could be steered along a curved path, rather than in a conventional straight line, therefore avoiding particularly sensitive areas of the brain. 
Best Solution worked with Oxford Instruments to predict the enormous stresses created by the three orthogonal coils. Best Solution's structural analysis utilized the automatic optimization capabilities of the FE software, allowing a very high stress to mass ratio to be achieved for the coil supporting components. With parametric modeling capabilities design changes could be implemented easily and results reported quickly. The process was further accelerated with the automation of data transfer between Oxford Instruments and Best Solution. 
Photograph of stereotaxis magnetic surgery system
Magnetic surgery system 
Contour plot of displacement magnitude on surface of helium vessel
Displacement contours on vacuum vessel 
Plot of displacement contour magnitude on superconducting coil support structure
Displacement contours on coil support structure. 
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