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      BEST SOLUTION Finite Element Analysis Consultancy 

MRI Magnetic Shielding 

Best Solution have assisted manufacturers of MRI scanner magnets using magneto-static finite element models. The models typically include the large superconducting magnet of the scanner, and a soft iron shield which is normally included in the fabric of the building housing the scanner. 
The permissible leakage fields are small for these installations, and we work alongside our customer to ensure that the shielding performance is satisfactory, and also that it is cost effective. In addition we can provide information on the forces acting on the superconducting coils as a result of the shield or other ferromagnetic objects in the vicinity. 
Flux density contours in the magnetic shielding and support structure around an MRI magnet 
Magnetisation contours in the magnetic shielding of a mobile MRI scanner 
5 & 10 Gauss 'leakage' field lines on orthogonal planes through the magnet centroid of a mobile MRI scanner 
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