Engineering design consultants offering engineering analysis resource to the manufacturing, engineering and scientific sectors

Engineering Design Consultants

Engineering design consultants offering engineering analysis resource to the manufacturing, engineering and scientific sectors

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We use finite element analysis and other simulation tools to work with our customers and provide accurate, cost effective solutions to a broad range of engineering problems.


We provide our engineering consultancy services on an “as and when required” basis, maintaining expensive finite element analysis and other software tools. We have the experience to use these tools efficiently and accurately.

Engineering Design Services - Finite Element Analysis


Utilising our wealth of experience in engineering design at an early stage means that we can share our knowledge from the outset, offering opportunities to save time and money.


The large majority of clients require non-disclosure agreements to be in place before we begin. We work on our engineering projects with utmost discretion maintaining high levels of confidence throughout.

Finite Element Analysis - FEA Services - Engineering Design Consultants

Engineering Design Services
Finite Element Analysis FEA

Finite element analysis or FEA could be defined as the application of the finite element method, a numerical method for the solution of field problems described by boundary conditions and partial differential equations.

Engineering Design - Our Capabilities

Engineering design using the latest modeling software to assess the behavior of a product, saving time and money on traditional testing procedures.

The example applications listed here are representative of work we have done which we could not include in their original form for reasons of confidentiality.

Best Solution - Capabilities - Magnetic Field Simulation

Magnetic Field Simulation

Our magnetic field simulation experience includes 2d and 3d magnetic and electric field modelling, including static, time-harmonic, and transient problems. We have applied the full

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Best Solution - Capabilities - Magnetic Design

Magnetic Design

Simulation and analysis is one aspect of our work, but this often is undertaken in conjunction with some more front-end design work. This is where

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Mechanical Design - Capabilities

Mechanical Design

Our mechanical design experience of stress analysis often supports customers in understanding how assemblies or components are constrained and loaded, and the implications this might

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Concepts and Ideas - Capabilities

Concepts and Ideas

Finding elegant engineering solutions very early in the product life cycle maximises return on the investment in the development stages of a new product. Frontend

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Our aim is to be an easy-to-access temporary add-on for your engineering design team. If you need finite element analysis simulation expertise, engineering input, or a little extra capacity then please get in touch.

Engineering - Industry Sectors

Best Solution - Sectors - Science and Medical


Our work for customers in this sector often relates to processes as well as products. From simulation of separation magnets to the development of production

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Best Solutin - Capabilities - SCience and Medical

Science and Medical

Best Solution has worked with customers in the medical equipment sector, with interests ranging from diabetes care to Magnetic Resonance Imaging. Other work has been

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Best Solution - Sectors - Motors Actuators and Sensors

Drives and Sensors

Our customers in this sector are often providing specialised motors or sensors to a range of demanding applications, where size, mass, cost and environment requirements

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Best Solution - Sectors - Aerospace and Defence

Aerospace and Defence

We have supported customers in the development of product for both military and commercial aerospace and defence equipment. Our customers range from small OEM suppliers

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Best Solution - Sectors - Offshore and Marine


Projects in the energy sector have supported customers manufacturing grid infrastructure equipment as well as oil and gas exploration and production. Our work has included

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Best Solution - Industry Sectors - Super Conducting Magnets

Superconducting Magnets

Best Solution’s experience has included many of the applications where superconductivity has been exploited. Our customers include world leaders in this specialised and highly demanding

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Engineering Design Consultants
Finite Element Analysis FEA

We used the title “Virtual Prototyping” for our brochure in 1999 to present our capabilities and the benefits of using engineering simulation. Find out how we can support your team today with our engineering design consultancy services.


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We enjoy helping our customers with an increasingly broad spectrum of modelling tasks. These continue to present new challenges, and have helped us to build an experienced team and a powerful set of simulation techniques.