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Mechanical Design

Our mechanical design experience of stress analysis often supports customers in understanding how assemblies or components are constrained and loaded, and the implications this might have for improving the design.

Mechanical Design - Capabilities

Mechanical Design - Frontend Engineering

Application areas familiar to us include space frame optimisation, high speed machines and flywheels, and many more . Effective mechanical design is also crucial where electromagnetic forces are extreme, for example in superconducting magnets and pulse discharge magnetising tools.

Effective mechanical design  can  enable:

  • Use of lower cost materials
  • Improved strength or rigidity
  • Improved reliability

Mechanical Design Projects

Projects - Eddy Current Brakes

Eddy Current Brakes

Best Solution can make accurate performance predictions for those designing or developing eddy current brakes. The mechanical design methods we use are largely finite element

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Projects - Induction Heating

Heat Exchangers

High thermal stresses can occur either as a result of temperature change in assemblies of materials of different expansion rates, or the kind of large

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Best Solutin - Projects - Thermal Imaging Actuator

Thermal Imaging Actuator

Our mechanical design services enabled Best Solution to design a high-performance scanning actuator for a military thermal imaging application. The actuator was capable of very

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Best Solutin - Projects - Best Solutin - Projects - Pump Couplings

Pump Couplings

Magnetic rotary couplings are often used by pump manufacturers to isolate a motor from the pump components. The isolation of these components might be desirable

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Best Solutin - Projects - Subsea Equipment Capsules

Subsea Equipment Capsules

A very straightforward finite element model enabled the wall thicknesses and internal radii of an electronics enclosure to be determined for a deep-sea monitoring application.

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Projects - High Speed Electric Motors

High Speed Electric Motors

Both electromagnetic and mechanical finite element modelling are powerful tools for designers of electric machines. For high-speed applications, some examples of the areas where Best

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Best Sulution - Magnetic Linkages

Magnetic Linkages

Magnetic linkages are often designed into equipment where it is desirable to separate different sections of the same mechanism. This could be required for a

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Best Solutin - Projects - Best Solutin - Projects - Space Frames

Space Frames

Analytical and finite element methods are used in assisting our customers in the design of space frame type structures. Loads can include inertial, magnetic, pressure

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Projects - Production Engineering

Production Engineering

Many permanent magnet materials exist today, with the most common being ceramic or ferrite materials, where reasonable performance at very low cost is required. Other

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Best Solution - Projects - Rotating Machines

Rotating Machines

Our finite element based techniques can provide invaluable support to designers of rotating machines, including the following tasks: Flux plots showing leakage, saturation and local

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Projects - Actuators


Best Solution has experience in the design and modelling of a wide range of electromagnetic actuators including linear actuators, torque motors, optical scanning motors, a.c.

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Best Solutin - Projects - Magnetising Fixtures

Magnetising Fixtures

In order to magnetise modern rare-earth magnets, large magnetic fields are required. The fields required are large enough to present some significant challenges to the

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Mechanical Design - Our Capabilities

The example applications listed here are representative of work we have done which we could not include in their original form for reasons of confidentiality.
Best Solution - Capabilities - Magnetic Field Simulation

Magnetic Field Simulation

Our magnetic field simulation experience includes 2d and 3d magnetic and electric field modelling, including static, time-harmonic, and transient problems. We have applied the full

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Best Solution - Capabilities - Magnetic Design

Magnetic Design

Simulation and analysis is one aspect of our work, but this often is undertaken in conjunction with some more front-end design work. This is where

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Mechanical Design - Capabilities

Mechanical Design

Our mechanical design experience of stress analysis often supports customers in understanding how assemblies or components are constrained and loaded, and the implications this might

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Concepts and Ideas - Capabilities

Concepts and Ideas

Finding elegant engineering solutions very early in the product life cycle maximises return on the investment in the development stages of a new product. Frontend

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