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Drives and Sensors

Projects - High Speed Electric Motors

High Speed Electric Motors

Both electromagnetic and mechanical finite element modelling are powerful tools for designers of electric machines. For high-speed applications, some examples of the areas where Best Solution can provide modelling support are: Rotor containment can losses (caused by modulation of rotor field by stator teeth) Rotor stress distribution resulting from shrink fitting of containment cans Rotor …

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Best Solutin - Projects - Ansys EMAG

Ansys EMAG

Best Solution uses a range of software tools to provide our customers with support in the design and performance simulation of products or processes that involve the use of magnetism. These encompass anything from the modelling of an induction heating process to the simulation of the start-up performance of a d.c. motor. Ansys EMAG is …

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Projects - Variable Reluctance Resolvers and Brushless Resolvers

Variable Reluctance Resolvers and Brushless Resolvers

Best Solution can provide bespoke designs for resolvers including variable reluctance resolvers, for specific customer requirements. We have produced designs for customers including 2 pole and 24 pole frameless (sometimes referred to as “slab” or “pancake” ) variable reluctance resolvers for rotor position sensing in motor control applications. Resolvers have been around for many years, …

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Best Solution - Projects - Rotating Machines

Rotating Machines

Our finite element based techniques can provide invaluable support to designers of rotating machines, including the following tasks: Flux plots showing leakage, saturation and local flux densities Quantification of iron loss Prediction of tooth ripple losses Cogging torque estimates Output torque prediction Radial stiffness prediction Thermal characteristics Stress and vibration Starting performance simulation Best Solution’s …

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